About Gwendolyn

5 yo me-300pxI have known since the age of 5 that I came to this planet on a very special mission: to re-unite heaven and earth.  While I was under anesthesia for surgery on my arm and hip, I was taken to a meeting with a counsel of higher dimensional beings.  Archangel Michael was the spokesperson for the group.  He shared with me, quite fervently I might add, that Gaia needed ME to complete my mission relating to planetary ascension.   That no one else on the planet had the perfect combination of stuff (dna, genetics, astrological placements, prior experience, soul signature) to get the job done correctly, and there was no time left to start over, even with a walk-in.  I agreed to stay.

Later in my thirties, I began my search in earnest to discover specifically what my primary mission might be.  I always carried with me this niggling feeling that there was something else, something more important, that I had yet to do.  I did not have all the pieces to the puzzle until my 58th birthday when Lord Yeshua-Sananda came to me and revealed our connection to each other.  That day changed my life forever.

Two years later, on my birthday again, I was in “Magdalen’s Church” in Renne le Chateau, France.  Tom Kenyon had just begun channeling a sounding from the Archangels and Magdalen herself.  As I listened, I felt myself lifted up to a platform above the altar.  There Ashtar performed the official Joining Ceremony for Sananda and me.  On that day in front of the hosts of heaven, I accepted my “Twin Ray”  assignment–to join the energies of heaven and earth through my physical incarnation on Earth.

Even without knowing specifically my final mission, my lifelong quest has been to fully express my soul purpose through my service to humanity as a teacher and healer.

To this end I have studied and become proficient in the following areas:Gwen_singing_bowl

  • Certified educator for children and adults for over 35 years.
  • Rebirther and Breath Coach for LRT
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Body Harmony Practitioner – trained by Dr. Don McFarland
  • Sound Healer and Channel – certified by Tom Kenyon Alchemical School
  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner- certified by Kelly Hampton
  • Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and teacher
  • Born with and personally developed skills as intuitive, empath,  and channel.