Accessing the Akashic Records Series

Akashic Foundation Certification Class ~ Accessing the Records for Yourself

In this 4-session class, you will learn how to:  

  • open and access your own Akashic Records with a sacred prayer,
  • ask your Akashic Team for guidance and how to receive information
  • access YOUR Akashic Records for guidance, information, healing,  & much more....

​Akashic Practitioner Certification Class ~ Reading for Others

In this 4-session class, you will learn​:

  • ​​how to open and read the Akashic Records for another person,
  • ​how this can be both similar to and different from accessing your own Records,
  • ​how to describe the information you receive, not interpret,
  • ​how to best work with information from past lives, early childhood self-abandonment, and
  • ​how to best facilitate self-acceptance, self-love and forgiveness on your client's behalf.

​All sessions will be presented online via Zoom and recorded.

Sessions will take place on Sunday afternoons from

1:30 - 3:30 pm Mountain Time

on the following dates:

Akashic Foundation Class ~ Accessing your own Records

​Oct. 15, Oct. 22, Oct 29, Nov. 5, 2017

​Akashic Certification Practitioner Class ~ Reading for Others

​Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Dec. 3, Dec. 10​​​, 2017

​See what Rebecca Barfoot has to say about working with Gwendolyn:

 I ​adore Gwendolyn as a teacher. I love the easy grace, enthusiasm and insight she ​

brings to every one of ​her Akashic Records classes, and how she is infinitely skilled

and intuitive about each student's differing learning styles. As a clairsentient guide,

​her ability to see and know with clarity is extremely well honed over years of innate

development. I am thrilled to have met G and count her as an invaluable model and

support in my ongoing exploration of the multi-dimensional realms. Through her I

have developed confidence in my own psychic gifts and deep spiritual unfolding. ​

~ Rebecca Barfoot, artist, Reiki Practitioner, Durango, CO

​Register for your choice of classes HERE:

Akashic Foundation Class

​Full Pay ~ $297

​2 monthly payments ~ $165 each

Akashic Practitioner Class

​Full Pay ~ $297

2 monthly Payments ~

$165 each​

​Register for BOTH classes with the ​ FULL PAY of $547 and receive the SPECIAL BONUS of a complimentary ​30-minute reading with Gwendolyn ($99 value)

​About Gwendolyn:
Gwendolyn Hill, founder of Heart of the Mother Healing, has been studying and mentoring people in the personal and spiritual empowerment field for over 30 years.  Some of her unique offerings include readings in the Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Intuitive Counseling and Energy-Healing Sessions.  But most of all, she has helped many men and women discover what they actually came to the planet to do--what their real and highest mission and purpose is.