In my opinion and from my experience, the feelings of gratitude and appreciation can conquer all.  Just a little bit of heartfelt gratitude can instantly move your consciousness into 5th dimensional awareness.  It changes your focus from problems, anxiety, and other not-so-welcome emotions to a focus on blessings.  Metaphysics 101 teaches us what we focus… Continue Reading

10 Life Lessons to Unlearn

I borrowed this post from the Huffington Post, which looks like they borrowed from The Oprah Magazine.  I agreed wholeheartedly with all 10 points, but I think #2 speaks loudest to me.  Permission to feel and own ALL our feelings is paramount to becoming a whole person.  Leave me a comment at the end of the… Continue Reading

Denali Crystal Pyramid Journey

At the last Sound Meditation Group via Instant Teleseminar, I took the group on a journey up inside the Crystal Pyramid over Denali in Alaska.  The following is a brief explanation of how I learned this technique and a script for the journey.  At the end of the post is a special treat. Denali Crystal… Continue Reading

Welcome to Heart of the Mother Healing’s Blog!

It is my intention to post articles on a weekly basis covering the following spiritual growth and empowerment topics: guided meditations and visualizations to help you manifest your dreams, and/or heal your body, emotions and spirit; sound and verbal channelings to uplift you; and my musings about my own spiritual odyssey. Sign up for my… Continue Reading