Classes and Groups

Below are a listing of several types of classes and groups offered by Gwendolyn:

Ongoing Sound Meditation Series

Join us in person in Belen, NM, or via Zoom for this FREE/donations accepted event.  Zoom conferencing allows you to join in and participate via telephone or internet.   One session per month will be presented  on a specific topic.

Each event will include a specific of meditation technique, such as, a sound channeling, using sound for healing, or instruction and practice in a new Ascension/meditation tool.  Specific dates are posted on the website under Events, or you can receive notices via email by signing up for Heart of the Mother Healing’s newsletter.

Going Deeper into the Akashic Records Group Coaching Series

Would you like to be able to access and read your own Akashic Records, get information from your Soul on your purpose, your relationships, your health, your best career choices?  You may get that experience by taking a 3-hour class with Gwendolyn, listening to a recording of one of her classes, and/or practicing on your own.

Or, you can get HELP!  You are welcome to subscribe to this series of calls that will provide more guided experience of opening your own Records, increased group energy, and information on specific topics, group discussion time, and a question and answer format for information about your personal use of the Records.

Click here for more information, dates of next scheduled Going Deeper Series, or to sign-up for Going Deeper into the Akashic Records.


chakrasTechniques for spiritual growth, meditation, increasing intuitive abilities and intelligence, High Egyptian Alchemy and ascension practices, communicating with the Devic and Nature Spirit realms are among the many classes offered by Gwendolyn. Classes are held in person in Albuquerque or Belen, NM, remotely via video conferencing, or in an area near you. Click here for a current schedule of events.

Here are a few more comments on setting up a class near you:   What I really love doing is teaching classes in person, using sound as the instrument for deep transformation and offering personal empowerment by teaching others how to access their own Akashic Records.

So, here is my question for you…Would you like to or do you know someone who might like to host a class for me in your area? 

  • I would want a minimum group of 15-20 people for sound/transformation classes and 6-10 for Akashic Certification classes,
  • a space to hold a one or two day event,
  • help with promoting the event and
  • logistical help during the class.
  • I would then offer you free enrollment and a percentage of each sign-up. Class topic can be tailor made for your locale.

    Here are some possible topics:

Using Sound for Meditation, Healing and Deep Transformation:

~ A full day workshop on how to use your own voice for personal healing, meditation, healing others, channeling sound for deep transformation.

Embodying the Divine Feminine:

~ Using High Egyptian Alchemy, sound, and the energies of Hator, Sekhmet, and Isis, we will explore the feminine aspects of sexuality, power and love.

Balancing the Masculine/Feminine Energies Within:

~Using High Egyptian Alchemy, sound, and the energies of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon and the Hathors, we will learn a technique called the Alchemies of Horus.

Singing with Nature:

~ A full day class using sound to connect with the elements, your high self, and the Devic and Nature Spirit realms.

Please contact me at

Since our session, I am able to focus better. I can calm myself down easier when I get upset. The golden halo is working, even though I don’t remember to use it often. I am reading better and I have more desire to learn. The pain from my wisdom teeth is mostly gone. I am still having lots of unusual, intense dreams. Most are about deep oceans, caving, and subterranean civilizations. There are non-humans present, but they are like glimmers of light in the upper regions. In the mornings, I have been able to wake up easier and feel more alert. I am taking less medication now. I have stopped taking any Lithium or Abilify in the morning. I am only taking them at night now.
Andrew Goodbar, Albuquerque, New Mexico