Pleiadian Energy Healing Sessions

In your Pleiadian Energy Healing Sessions, Gwendolyn will begin with toning and crystal bowl sounds to deepen the energetic experience. During the session, tuning forks and/or Tibetan tingshas are also used. Energy is channeled through Gwendolyn by a variety of healers from the Pleiadian Star System as well as several Ascended Masters. Since this is not a silent form of healing, information will be shared with you on each process and the purpose of each technique. 

Pleiadian Energy Healing Sessions

You are encouraged as well to share and give feedback on your experiences as you are having the healing session. This healing package includes a pre-session consult to discuss your needs and desires for the outcome of the session, the healing session, a follow-up email 4 days after session, and a 20 minute phone consult 1 to 2 weeks after the session.

​Healing sessions can be administered in person or remotely by telephone, Skype or Zoom.

A session’s duration is usually 1 ½ hours. Cost per session is $225. 

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