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When I listen to Gwendolyn’s sound channeling, I am no longer in ordinary reality. I completely lose sense of 3D time.

Joni Mist Walker, Eagle River, Alaska

Gwendolyn has an innate ability to connect with the client and client’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. She unerringly zeros in on the root cause of any problem. Blockages or any other kind of resistances are explored with compassion and understanding. Her skill at this is exceptional and the trust that a client has in her breaks through any barriers that could be erected in this healing. Her assistance can only be described as divinely guided by love.

Joni Johnson, Eagle River, Alaska

Your workshop was, for me, like being shot from a cannon. I want to incorporate all the chanting/music/toning from your workshop into everyday practice somehow. I AM HUNGRY! It has been several months since I was this ravenous. Of course, my actual practice does not look too consistent, but your class sure pulled my starter cord. Thanks and I hope we have future opportunities to work together, Gwendolyn.

Ellen Van der Veiss, Anchorage, Alaska

When I listen to Gwendolyn’s sound channeling, I am no longer in ordinary reality. I completely lose sense of 3D time.

Joni Mist Walker, Eagle River, Alaska

Joni Testimony

Since my Star Healing session with you, my hip pain has completely gone away and I am less focused on what was done to me and more on what I am going to do in the future.  I have been having some dreams that I can remember.  I can definitely say that I have been getting rid of lots of toxins from my system and I believe that this is why I am finding it a little easier to find peace.  I have been continuing my affirmations but I need to up the time I am devoting to them.  I was very surprised at how much energy I was able to feel while you were working on me. I seem to be sleeping more peacefully than I was and am waking up less frequently.  Thanks so much for including me in this healing.

Kathy Gampert, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gwendolyn is truly a wise soul, kind and courteous and very in tune with the nature of the Universe. She is spiritually gifted and I find her to be genuine and a woman of integrity. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Ms. Peg Torbert, Duluth, Minnesota

I experienced several personal sound healing sessions with Gwendolyn in the summer of 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska. I found these sessions to be intense, seemed to go right to the core of the imbalances I was seeking to heal, and the results were positive and immediate. I would recommend her work as a sound healer to anyone. She is a very capable channel for the voices of those Spirit Healers who work through her.

Marissa Kintaro, Anchorage, Alaska

I just listened to my Custom Sound Channeling and I LOVE IT!  It totally seems like me.  It’s almost hard to believe that all those sounds came out of you!  Some of it seems like it’s almost another language.  Hope my soul will remember what the words are saying so I get the message.  I have a feeling that the power of my sounding is only just beginning and that the depths of the knowledge it will give me is beyond my current inner knowingness.  How exciting is that?  Thanks for such an awesome experience!

~ Deborah Meunier, Durango, Colorado

It is a pleasure to recommend Gwendolyn as a healing facilitator. She is always warm, gentle and effective regardless of what modality is required. Her ability to attune to the body, mind, and spirit of the individual and apply the exact treatment for best results is outstanding. I have over the many years of our acquaintance, received excellent assistance in overcoming energy blocks, behavioral resistance, and in gaining physical release through our work together. Gwendolyn is highly skilled and naturally gifted in her work. You can’t do better when seeking wholistic well-being, and will always receive the best and highest results. Don’t hesitate! Call on Gwendolyn and be joyfully surprised.

Patia Douglas, Kalispell, Montana

In June of 2008, I was privileged, along with my life partner, to attend the Egyptian Alchemy Workshop presented in Anchorage, Alaska. We both experienced a most magical and high-energy weekend! We were guided into several beautiful spiritual journeys by the Teachers toning through Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn gave her very best to assure that all of us attending the workshop had an amazing experience.

M. Kintaro, Anchorage, Alaska